How to Turn off (Disable) Comments on Blogger Specific Pages

In the previous article we have shown you how you can turn off the default Blogger Lightbox, And in this tutorial you will learn how to Disable comments on blogger pages, And it very easy to turn off the blogger comments on pages, Most of the blogger don't allow users to comments on some pages like the contact page or Advertise page, About me page, or so on, If you are among of those then you can easily disable the comments on blogger pages, In just a few minutes, So have a look below.

Turning Off The Comments On Blogger Pages

To disable the blogger comments on pages, You need to sign in to your blogger account and go to the page, click on edit link, where you want to turn off the comments, On the right side of your Page editor you will see the options, Click on that then slide down list options will appear, on the reading section you will see three radio button with "Allow", "Don't allow show existing", "Don't allow, hide existing" options, Select the "Don't Allow" from that options and click on done button at bottom of your page options, then update the page, Sounds like confused don't worry have a look below screenshot
how to turn off the comments on blogger pages
So this how we easily can disable comments on the specific pages where we don't want to show comments, If liked this tutorial then please like and follow us on Twitter, Facebook. for the latest feeds from us.
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