How To Restrict Your Blogger Blog From Users

How To Restrict Your Blogger Blog From Users

There are many bloggers who use private blogs to create widgets, Tutorials, designing and almost all of us have spare blogs where we learn or developing the tutorial for our main blog, it is very useful when you are creating the tutorial for your blog and you don't want to show your personal blog codes, widgets, Pageviewes, etc., Blogger allows us to create up to 100 blogs per account.

Why To Use Private Blogs ?

Well, when creating the design or making changes on blogger blog that we don't show to our readers, Like the testing site where the only owner of the site can visit their test site, You should create a separate blog where you can test your widgets or gadgets before adding to your blog.

Restricting Your Blog

By default, Anyone can access your site, You can create a whole new blog and make it private or you can make your existing blog private, So to that you need to go to your Blogger >> Settings >> Basic, Under the permissions section, There you will see "Blog Readers Edit" option just below the Blog Authors.

restrict blogger blog

Click on edit then select private, So blog authors have access to the blog or you give access to specific authors, However, the author will need to log in before reading your blog.

set permission for blogger

Now if the user visits to your blog, then it would redirect the user to the following message

private your blog

So this is how you can add make your blogger blog private, If liked this tutorial then like and follow us on Twitter, Facebook.

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