How To Install and Add Google Analytics in Drupal

how to add google analytics into Drupal

Wants to record the Statistics report of your Drupal site and that shows your Pageviews, users, traffic sources and who viewed it, and referrer URL, and also when it was viewed, Just like the WordPress Statistics or Blogger Statistics, You need to the Statistics module to view your Statistics report on your Drupal site. And there are some good modules that can show the Statistics report and I pick the best Statistics module that we will use in this article, So in this tutorial you will how to add Google Analytics in Drupal website. It will take only 1-2 minutes to install and configure the module.

What is Google Analytics ?

Well, Google Analytics is Statistics tool which gathers and provides the information about your visitors and how often they find your Drupal website. And also you able see which keywords they type and how often they stay on the Drupal website.

The first thing that you need to do is create a free Google Analytics account from the official Google Analytics website, Once you created the account and logged in then click on Admin tab and then click on Property Settings and under the basic settings section you will see your tracking id, So copy that tracking code and write it in notepad so we can use it later.

Google Analytics tool for Drupal

Now you need to download the Google Analytics module from the Drupal official website. and upload it to Update Manger and install it if you don't know how to install modules in Drupal then check the tutorial which I already create: How To Upload and Install Drupal Modules. Once you have uploaded the Google Analytics module then you need to install it from your modules page, Go to your Extend tab and search for Google Analytics module select it and install it.

install google analytics for drupal

Now you need to configure the Google Analytics module, go to the Configuration tab and under, the system section, Click on Google Analytics and add your tracking code in Web Property ID text field and save it.

Google analytics drupal

It will take 24 hours to start showing your traffic status, and you will see your Statistics report on your Drupal site in your Google Analytics account. So this how you can easily install and configure the Google Analytics for your Drupal website, Congratulations, you just installed the Google Analytics for your Drupal site, We hope this tutorial will help you to add Google Analytics for your Drupal, And make sure to like and follow us on Twitter, Facebook to get more tutorial like this one. And also give us feedback in the below comment section.

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