Blogger Updated Text Editor for HTTPS Mixed Content Errors

Blogger Updated Text Editor for HTTPS Spot and Fix Errors

In the Few days back blogger announced that HTTPS feature coming to for your your protection, after all many of blogger's like me and you and others have enabled HTTPS for blogger blogs. Some of your blogger blogs may not functionality working over HTTPS, Now you can easily fix some of your blog errors, and this has happened due to mixed content errors from your blogger gadgets, post content, or blog template. If haven't enabled the HTTPS feature for your blogger blog and wants to enable that feature then you should read the article which we already wrote on How to Enable HTTPS encrypts on your blog, So this in this tutorial you will learn how to fix your HTTPS errors by Spot and Fix new feature which blogger just Updated.

Fixing the HTTPS Errors From Posts

To detect and fix the HTTPS errors, Go to your Blogger >> POST >> Editor HTML, and click on save or Publish button, If the blogger post editor detects any errors in your post, then the error will be shown on the top of your post editor and with the option to fix the errors that the Spot and fix features detects

fix your https errors in blogger

So to fix the HTTPS errors just click on the fix, So this how you can fix your HTTPS errors with spot and fix a feature that blogger just updated for your blog editors.

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