How To Create Drupal XML Sitemap Beginners Guide

create xml sitemap for Drupal

The most common question that every Drupal beginner ask and that is How To Create XML Sitemap for Drupal website, Creating and submitting the Drupal sitemap is very important to get traffic and rank from the search engines like Google, Bing / Yahoo, Yendex. A site without submitting sitemap to search engines is like an airplane without a pilot. You must create and submit the XML sitemap to search engines. So in this tutorial you learn how to Create XML Sitemap for Drupal. You can create the XML sitemap for Drupal within minutes with the help of the best module.

What is XML Sitemap ?

Well, A XML Sitemap is a file that contains the URLs of your site. And It informs Google and other major search engines about each URL, And Sitemap helps search engines to crawl the site more brilliantly.

Adding XML Sitemap To Drupal

To create the XML sitemap for your Drupal website you need to download the "Simple XML sitemap" module of the Druapl official website, Before installing the module make sure to backup your whole Drupal website, If you don't how to do it then read: How To Backup Drupal Website. Now upload the module to your Drupal and install it. If you don't know how to upload and install the Drupal module.

Now Go to Configuration tab and scroll down to the Search and metadata section you will find the Simple XML Sitemap, Click on that then click on regenerate sitemap.

create sitemap drupal

Now you can submit your sitemap to any search engines just add sitemap.xml after your Drupal site URl, example: www.example/sitemap.xml So this how you can easily create sitemap for your Drupal website, Congratulations, you just created the XML Sitemap for your Drupal site, We hope this tutorial will help you, And make sure to like and follow us on Twitter, Facebook to get more tutorial like this one. And also give us feedback in the below comment section.

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