How To Create And Optimize Drupal SEO Friendly URls

how to add clean SEO URls in Drupal

Optimizing your Drupal URLs can boost up your rank in search engines and also you will get more traffic, more search engines like google, bing, yahoo. if you are using the default Drupal URls then you might lose the advantage to drive more traffic and the rank in search engines. So in this tutorial you will learn how to optimize default Drupal URLs to SEO friendly URls. Their many Drupal admins who doesn't know how to optimize Drupal URls, If you are among of those then you can easily optimize the Drupal URls with our step by step beginners guide. And in only 3 steps you learn to enable the SEO Search Engine Friendly URLs in Drupal 8.

Creating SEO Friendly URls

The first thing that you need to do is install "Update Manger" to upload modules to your Drupal site. So install the Update Manger from your modules, or if you have already installed, then download the "Pathauto" module and also download "Token", "CTools" from the Drupal official website, and upload all 3 modules to your Drupal site from the Update manger and you can find this page under the extend tab or add this "admin/modules/install" url after your Drupal website.

or if you don't know how to upload and install modules in Drupal then check the tutorial
how to add SEO URLS in Drupal
SEO Friendly in Drupal

Once you have uploaded all 3 modules that I mention above, then to go install it now, So to that you need to go to your Drupal >> Extend and scroll down, select the module and install it by clicking the install button from the bottom of the page

create SEO Friendly URls in Drupal

After you installed the modules go to Configuration and scroll down to Search and metadata section and click on URL aliases, then click on patterns tab and add new Pathauto pattern.

Add SEO Friendly URls in Drupal

On the pattern page, select "content" as pattern type and add "[node: title]" in the path pattern field and select Article from content type and add "[node: field_tags]" in the label text field if it ask for id then add "_node_field_tags_" and save it.

SEO URL Drupal

Now your article urls are SEO optimized. So this how you can easily optimize your Drupal URls and, Congratulations, you just create SEO Friendly URls for your Drupal site, We hope this tutorial will help you to create SEO Friendly URls for your Drupal, And make sure to like and follow us on Twitter, Facebook to get more tutorial like this one. And also give us feedback in the below comment section.

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