How To Backup Drupal Site Manually Beginner Guide

How to Backup Drupal site manually

In the previous tutorial we have shown you how to backup Drupal website without any FTP client, And in this tutorial you will learn how to backup Drupal site manually, this tutorial will little bit complicated, Don't worry, you will learn step by step, There are many Drupal beginners who doesn't know how to backup Drupal site manually to move to new web hosting server. If are among of those then you are reading the right article and in just a few minutes you will backup your entire Drupal including your images, Articles, pages, and other content.

Creating The Backup

To backup your Drupal site, you will need to download FTP client to download your Drupal files from your web server, and then you will create the database backup. So open up your FTP client or download this one FTP Client, Now connect to your Drupal site and download all your Drupal files.

easily backup your drupal

Once you have downloaded all your files via FTP client, now you need to backup your database from your web hosting account, So to go your panel from your web hosting account. And search for PhpMyAdmin or Mysql, it will under the database section. Click on phpMyAdmin.

create the drupal backup

Once you have logged in to your phpMyAdmin, then select your Drupal database and click on the export tab from.

backup your drupal

So this how you can create the backup of your Drupal website manually and, Congratulations, you just created the backup of your Drupal site, We hope this Drupal backup tutorial will help you to create the backup, And make sure to like and follow us on Twitter, Facebook to get more tutorial like this one. And also give us feedback in the below comment section.

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