How to Add or Use the More Tag In WordPress

How to Add or Use the More Tag In WordPress

In our previous article we have shown How to Add Notification Manager in WordPress. If you want to show a summary of your post article on your homepage and you do not know how to do that then your in the right place. In this lesson we will show How to show Short Summary on your homepage with More Tag in WordPress.

How to Add the More Tag In WordPress

It is very simple, but most of newbie WordPress bloggers do not know how to add this. Just Write your article or edit a published post.

When you have finished your writing, then on the post editor toolbar there will be a more tag button just click on that. it will add line that creates a line break in the article, then on the home page you will see a more tag button.

First of all when you on the post editor just click on the read more tag button and you're done! like below in image which shows.

Now you will able to see a dashed line and between it "More" text in the center. More tag can easily add anywhere in the article of your blog post.

Using a text editor to add more tag is the easiest way to insert a more tag, but you can also add it manually with an HTML comment tag like below.


We hope this short article helped you learn how to Add More tag in WordPress. You may also want to check out our How to Properly add Twitter Cards in WordPress, and How to Display Related Pages in WordPress that helps you to learn more.

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