How to Add Live Recent Visitors Info Box in Blogger

How to Add Live Recent Visitors Info Box in Blogger

Do you ever want to display your live visitors' box to your blogger?, It is very easy to add into blogger with Feedjit widget, there lots of website and blogger blogs that displaying visitors Information like countries, pages, etc., And some of blogger might thinks it is Inefficiency to add but there are also bloggers who wants to add that live visitor widget to their blogs like you. So in this tutorial you will learn how to display the recent visitors information on blogger blog with Feedjit widget.

What is feedjit ?

Well, the Feedjit is live Traffic Feed website which provides Information about your website / blog visitors in real-time, Feedjit used by more than one Million publishers, Feedjit was founded in 2007. you can also customize Live Traffic Feed widget style.

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  • Adding the Feedjit widget to blogger

    The first thing that you need to do is create the widget for your blogger from "" you can also customize the style of the widget, once you customize your live feed widget then select blogger from the drop down option and click on go.

    add live recent visitors into blogger

    Once you clicked on go button, then you will see 2 steps to add the widget into your blogger, And also the codes. So first sign into BlogSpot blog and then click on step 2 link from that widget page,

    add traffic into blogger
    show visitors in blogger

    Done, If the above steps don't work, then you can add this widget with codes so copy the codes and go to Blogger Then click the "Layout" tab on the left and add a gadget. Select HTML/Javascript. and copy and paste the code, then Save and you're done.

    display traffic info into blogger

    Congratulations, You just successfully added the Live traffic feed into your blogger blog, if this tutorial you, then make sure to like and follow us on Twitter, Facebook. to get latest updates from us., and also give us your opinions about this widget in the comment section below.

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