How to Add Google Custom Search in a WordPress Site

Well we all know that Google is the number one  Search engine in the world approximately every buddy use google search . We are not going to talk about google we just show you how to add it in your WordPress website for search your own content . But you will say that "why we should use
google search instead of WordPress search box or other search plugins.Because plugin is only search your site content which mach with the keyword which user enter , some times  it has spelling error so some of the plugin can not handle the particular problem. 

On the other hand if we add google search to WordPress site when someone want to search some thing from your site and enter a keyword then google search your whole website content and your google indexed links.   

Build a Google Custom Search Engine for WordPress Site

In Oder to add Google search to your WordPress website then first you have to sign in to your gmail account then go to Google Custom Search Engine and click on Create Custom Search Engine it will redirect to create new google custom search page.

And now enter your website url and hit create 
Then you will see get code button just click on that .

now it will give you script codes copy these code .

go to Appearance>> Editor >> then open search Form(searchform.php) and then paste the above code there and click on update file.

Now just to Appearance >> Widgets >> drag Search box and drop it on the side bar where you want to add search box.

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