Create and Add Google Custom Search to Blogger Blog

Today Google is the only Search Engine which maintain it self on the top of every search engines because its provide very clear and accurate search result for every one with its algorithm and it power full behavior its always taking care of the problem which related with  searches .Its is very important to use its search box or create google custom search for your blogger blog.

Every blogger use google custom search for their blog because google search provide accurate search result for your site but how to add it on blogger most of people thing its headache to add it on blogger blog but in just few click you will done. So in this lesson we will show you how to add google custom search to blogger .

Creating Google Custom Search

First of all you will need gmail id for this  go to Google Custom Search Engine then sign in with gmail id and then click on create custom search and it will redirect you to the next page.
Now you have to enter your site url in the sites to search field like in my case ('') once you entered your site url then click on create button .
then now it will show you congratulation message and there you will see get code button click on.

Instead of clicking on get code button you can also customize your search result buy clicking on control panel button then on the Left side bar you will see Look and feel option click on that and then select what search format you want to show once you select on the bottom you will see save & Get Code click on that.

Now it will give the scripts code copy these code .

Adding Google Custom Search to Blogger Blog 

In Order to add google custom search to blogger blog you will have to login to your blogger account.
Once you login then go to Layout then add HTML Gadget and paste scripts codes which you copied from google custom search, and then save and place widget where you want to add.

finally click on save arrangement and you are done!

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