How To Add Contact Form In WordPress

Many website use a contact form on their site because it is great way inaugurate with people and make them to connect with your site . If you are trying to install or add contact form in your WordPress website and you afraid of doing coding or you did not know any coding language then you are in the right place. In this lesson we will show you how to add contact form in WordPress easily without using any coding language.

Why Should We Use Contact form?

Many beginners thinks that it can be done by just adding email address but the thing is only adding a email address on your website doesn't going to be very effective . The effective way to connect your visitor to your site is to add a Contact form .

If you are afraid doing coding then don't worry because we will show how to add contact form without using any coding this is a perfect guide for absolute beginners.

There are two common and better reason for why should we use contact form in WordPress .

Anti Spam  
Contact form is also provide spam protection which mean when ever a bot or some automated application try to send you use less messages then it totally block it. On the other hand if you just add your email without using contact form then you will start getting spam massages which is pretty disturbing .

Getting Information what you want
Using contact form you can easily tell your user to enter what information you want to get from them like,phone number,name ,etc.

Contact form
In order to add contact from without using any coding language you have to install and activate WPForms Lite plugin which is free and very easy to implement in your site.
lets get started

Installing Contact form

lets install WPForms Lite plugin in WordPress go to your WordPress account then plugins>> and click on Add new then on the right side you will see search box type  WPForm Lite and hit enter like below we mention

then you will see wpforms plugin click on install now button and then activate it.

Creating Contact Form

Once you install and activate wpform plugin then you will able to see wp form menu in your word press dashboard so go to your dashboard and then wp form and then  click on add new .

Then it will open WPForms drag and drop from builder and it will ask you give contact form name and select template which you want to add. WPForms Lite Comes along with two form templates "Blank or Simple"  just select simple contact form >

Now you can easily drag & drop which field you want to add in contact form.

and once you done then click on save button .

Contact Form Notification and Confirmations

Its Important to configure the form notification and form confirmation. Form Confirmation is use to show Some massage or some thing else  when visitor submit the form.

Usually form confirmation is set default which shows thank you message its OK to leave it default.
When someone submits the form on your Website then a form notification email will send to you.

Just Click on save you are done!

You can add contact form to your page or side bar .

In order  to add contact form in the page  go to page and you will see add contact button simply click on that and a popup will appear then select your form name and click on add form ,your done!.

just visit your page you will see  you contact form.

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