How to KnockOut the Full Height Post Editor in WordPress

Most of WP beginners want to disable the full-height post editor in their Wordpress website, because this simple little issue kind of annoying. Actually, It is possible to bring back the scrollbar in your post editor. In this lesson we will show you how to Knock out the full-height post editor in WordPress.

WordPress introduced many features in their 4.0 version, including post editor which automatically adjust height equivalent to the article size. That's why there is no need to scroll down so they knock out the scroll bar.

Disabling the scroll bar and adjusting the height as you write It is kind of advance feature, but more over 90's user found it a bit confusing and irritating including me!.

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Let's get rid off from an advance feature by disabling the full height editor and turn back to the old one.

Knockout Without Scroll Bar Full-Height Editor in WordPress

First of all log into your WordPress admin area and then add a new post. there you will see a post editor screen and Screen Option menu, click on the Screen option.

Now it will slide down the menu like this .

Now on the bottom of the menu you will see "Enable full-height editor and distraction-free functionality" Checbox, uncheck that checkbox. Now it will disable the full-height editor and distraction-free functionality of the editor.

Now you're done! , you just disable the automatic height adjustment functionality in your post editor.

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