How to Disable Default Lightbox in Blogger BlogSpot

How to Disable Default Lightbox in Blogger BlogSpot
Wants to get rid of the default Lightbox effects in blogger?, Well there are many beginners who wants to add custom Lightbox in their blogs and disable old in blogger, It's quite easy to off the default Lightbox feature, So in this tutorial you will learn how to disable, turn off the Blogger default Lightbox feature, In just a few minutes you will be understand how to turn off the blogger Lightbox.
What is Lightbox ?
Lightbox is a popup window that showcases your images, videos, etc. on your website page and the rest of the page will cover with light Darken transparent color, and it is a JavaScript library that was written by Lokesh Dhakar.

Turning off The LightBox

To disable the Lightbox in your blogger you need to go to your blogger >> Settings >> Post And Comments, There you will see the drop down Yes or No under the posts section and next to "Showcase images with Lightbox" click on that drop down list and select "No" from that option and save the settings from the right top of your screen.
how to remove lightbox in blogger
So this how easily you can disable the Blogger default Lightbox, I hope this tutorial will help you and if you liked this tutorial then like and follow us on Twitter, Facebook.
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