how to Easily Add LinkedIn Share Button to Blogger

add linkedIn button blogger

In the past, we have shown you how you can add the Facebook share button to blogger, And in this post we going add the LinkedIn share button in blogger blog and posts, if you have business related blog then LinkedIn is best for you, or you want to get extra traffic, then you should then add the LinkedIn share button to your blogger blog post, it is very easy to add, it's just like the other social media share button like Twitter, Pinterest, etc so have a look below.

What is LinkedIn ?

Well, LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network and social networking website for the people who run businesses, In 2002 LinkedIn was found and now have more than 400 million users from 200+ countries. If want to read full history about LinkedIn then Read it from here

Adding The Button To Blogger

To integrate the button to your blogger, You need to generate it first, to generate the button you need to go to "LinkedIn Share Plugin Generator" and create the button, Once you generated the button you will get the button code, And you can choose one of the three button designs to add it to your blogger from the count mode section.

share for linkedin blogger

Once you have created the button and copied the share button codes, Go to your blogger >> Blog >> Template >> HTML, And search for

using the search box (Press ctrl+F) or if you can't find the code then search for
 <div class='post-body entry-content'>
and paste it below the code then save the template.

linkedIn share button for blogger

Once you have added the button code you will see the LinkedIn share button in at bottom of every post on your blog.

blogger linkedin button

You and click on also add the button in the specific post or you can add into a gadget, if you checked or previous tutorial "Flip Board Share button to Blogger ", "Add Stumbleupon Share Button on Blogger" then you will know how to add it by gadget or in your blog posts.

Congratulations, You just added the LinkedIn share button to your blogger, I hope this tutorial helped you and if you liked this post, then make sure to like and follow us on Twitter, Facebook.

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