How to Add Easily YouTube Subscribe Button in Blogger

How to Add YouTube Subscribe Button in Blogger

Howdy Blogger's, There are many Video bloggers and bloggers who earn lots of money from YouTube because they have lots of subscribers, And the one of the easiest way to get more subscribers is to add the subscribe button to your blogger blog or website to increase your subscribers, In the past, we have shown you how you can add YouTube, subscribe button to WordPress, If you are a video blogger then you might wants to add a YouTube Subscription widget to your bloggers, So in this tutorial you will learn how to add a YouTube subscribe button to your blogger blog or post.

Adding The Youtube Subscribe button

To add the YouTube subscription button to your blogger blog, You need to create the button first, So in order to do that you need to go "Google Developers Tool" Create the YouTube button, In the YouTube Developer tool you will see few fields, In the channel text field, you need to add your YouTube channel name or ID, you can you also you set the theme and layout for your button, Once your done you will see the button code at bottom of the page.

youtube button for bloggers

After you created the button and copied the button codes, Go to your blogger >> Template >> HTML, And search for "<div class='post-footer'>" and paste the YouTube button codes just below the code, or if you want to add the button just below your post title then search for "<div class='post-header-line-1'>" and paste it just below that code. and save the template.

how add youtube blogger

Once you have added the YouTube, subscribe button codes the you will able to see the YouTube button at the bottom of every your blog post.

demo for youtube button blogger

Or if you want to add the YouTube button in specific post, then copy the button and paste it to your blog post >> HTML, So this you how easily you can add the YouTube, subscribe button to your blogger blog and posts, I hope this tutorial may help you and if you liked this tutorial then like and follow us on Twitter, Facebook. to get the latest update from us.

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