Add Disqus In Blogger Blog(Integration)

Are you trying to Force your visitor to stay on your website or blog as much as possible ?
Then i will must say you may be worrying about your bounce rate . Reducing  a bounce rate of your blog  site is really not a impossible thing we should try our best in order do what is possible. There are may ways to get red of from this problem one of the best way reduce your bounce rate is to add the number one and one of the awesome comment widget to your blogger blog.

You may be thought that whats wrong with Comment System?
Blogger commenting system structure  is actually immaculate and acceptable for many reason but not for all . If your visitor want to comment from different website like Facebook or twitter etc.. they will not be able to do that with blogger commenting system.

So in this lesson we will show you how to add DISQUS comment widget plugin in your blogger blog.

What is Disqus?
Disqus is a comment system which connect some of the famous social media networking site API with it self .which means your visitor can easily comment through different social media account like Facebook ,twitter, google With disqus comment system widget .Disqus will take care of all your old comments.

Get Started To Add Disqus in your Blogger Blog

Integrating Disqus in blogger is simple and easy. In Order to do that you have to create an account on disqus just go to and then sign up .

Once you sign up then  on the upper right corner you will see a gear type icon click on that then a list will open select Add Disque To Site.

And it will redirect you to this page then click on install on Your site

Now add you site url below to site name  and make url what you want to add and then choose category.once you done then click on next button.

And then choose what you want to choose  and fill the details .

Now Choose blogger platform.

on the 1st step  click on the  add.

Select your blog and add click on Add widget.

 Your done!

Next Step.
Now its time to add your old comments . In order to do that you have to go to the previous page.
Once you on the previous page you will see the 2nd step to import your exixting Blogger comments into Disqus  at click on Tools > Import.

And now click on Import comments from blogger.

Once you clicked on Import Comment From Blogger then it will open a window which shows you that disqus is want to enage with your blog you want to allow or deny.Click on Allow

Choose your blog and wait for disqus to synchronizing your comments. Disqus will automatically synchronize your comments .

Now you are fully done!   

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  1. Gracias por el tutorial, es el más actualizado que encontré en la red, en la página 4 de la búsqueda XD, me fue de mucha utilidad, por fin active Disqus en mi blog. Muchas gracias.

    1. De nada, me alegra que hayas encontrado útil este tutorial.
      Gracias por la critica.


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