WordPress site has been de-indexed from Google? Fix

Search engines is the very important part of blogging and also is the leading source for driving organic traffic to your site or blog. If your website or blog does not indexing by google or other
search engines then it's probably a big problem for you.

there are many issues which people discuss that there WordPress blog de-indexed by google which is the nightmare for every blogger.

Recovering a WordPress Site After Getting De-indexed by Google
Google has many reasons to remove your site from its search result, don't be panic google only take this step when someone violates google webmaster terms and conditions.

In order to do that you have to check your website content yourself, if your site has content that is illegal or harmful then google will de-indexed from its search result. I recommend you to review google webmaster terms and guidelines.

I have mentioned some of the reasons which can cause google to remove your WordPress site from search result.
  • Check Wordpress Search engine visibility setting
  • Use Google Search Console for Checking your site
  • Check your Wordpress site for malware distribution code 
  • inform Google
Check Wordpress Search engine visibility setting 
WordPress User has the option to hide their site from search engines.the hiding option only used to allow site-owners to work on their website without getting indexed by search engines.

Check this option that may you by mistake enabled it to check its enable or not first login to the admin panel of your WordPress site and then go to Settings >> Reading.to the right side on the bottom of the page you will see the search engine visibility option
how disable search engine visibility in wordpress

Use Google Search Console for Check your site
With the help of google webmaster tool you can easily check if there is any error or something went wrong with your site.

Go to google webmaster tool after login into your account, there are three major options where Google precisely notifies you if anything went wrong to your site. 

search console google webmaster tools

Message: google will send you messages though out this message option and tell you if anything went wrong
Crawl errors:this page will show you messages about crawling related issues.
Security: google is used to display if there any security issue with your site.

Check your Wordpress site for malware distribution 

malware attack is the most common issue for de-indexing by Google, in order know if your site has been interrupted by malware you have to visit your site by google chrome or opera browser and it will show a page with a red warning if your site have malware distribution problem.

if you want to remove malware distribution virus then I strongly recommend you check this article Top 5 Free Wordpress security plugins 

inform Google
if you checked above all the method and your site is not interrupted by those then its time to inform google that your site has been de-index by webmaster tool, check how to inform

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