How to Add Recent Comments In WordPress SideBar

Ary You try to make your website look viable? , then try to add your recent latest comment in the sidebar. Adding recent comments in side is one of the appreciable way to encourage users to join the discussion. In this lesson, I'll teach you how to display on your Wordpress sidebar.

There are two simple methods for adding this, first is drag comment widget to the sidebar and another is adding a plugin.

1 First Method : Recent Comments Widget in Wordpress

WordPress come along with a recent comment widget which you can easily drag and drop into your sidebar.
Go to >> Appearance >> Widgets and just click on the recent comments widget and select right sidebar.

There you will see title and the number of comments to show, you can give the title to your recent comments widget and add the number for how much you want to display comments.
And then click on save button.

Now check your site, you will see like this.

You will see that the default recent comments widgets only display author name and article title there is no information about the comment itself which look uninformative.
lets come to second method:

2 Second Method : Beautiful Recent Comments Widget in WordPress

There is another way to give a better look to sidebar recent comments widget which is done by just installing a single little plugin to your WordPress site.There are couple of or many plug-in for adding recent comments, but I'm going to share Decent comments plugin because I found this plugin very useful.You just have to install and activate Decent comments plugin to your WordPress site.

1 Once you install decent comments plugin then go to >> Appearance >> Widgets >> and then drag and drop decent comments widget to the sidebar.

and then just click on save button.

The decent Comments widget comes along with many different options like you can show comments along with their author avatar. And that is not end here decent comments widgets help to give the size of the of comment author image and it gives you control on how the comments appear in the widget.

Decent Comments widget produce configurable short code and an API to show comment in suitable ways as well as author image links, comments etc..

Visit your site to see decent comments with author images in action.

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