How to Set Password for Page or Post in WordPress

How to Set Password for Page or Post in WordPress

Are you looking for the tutorial that shows how to set password for personal post or page, Then you are in the right place. and you will learn how to add password on post or page, WordPress is very powerful CMS and the plugins for WordPress make it unique. its useful feature you are creating a post just for friends or editors on your WordPress site, then they only can access to your post. , WordPress has already built in some basic content visibility options that you can use it for. Did you know the most of beinners doesn't know about the feature, but in this article they can understand how to use content vistibilty and set a password for a post and also hide it from the homepage, If you don't have any PHP experience nor coding then you can do

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    Creating password protected post

    First of all login to your WordPress site and create a new post before publishing the post, click on edit at the visibility section, then click on Password protected and set the password for your post and then to click on OK button, and publish the post.

    How to Set Password for Page or Post in WordPress

    Once set the visibility to password then you may have noticed the password protected posts showing in homepage to hide the password protected posts from your homepage follow below method.

    Hiding Password Protected Posts From Home Page

    Well, we can do this by 2 different ways first is making the PHP function to handle this but we haven't gone do this because it's quite complicated for beginners so we will go with the next way and that is hiding by the plugin which is called "WP Hidden Password Protected Pages" so first install the plugin from your WordPress plugins tab and install & active the plugin. Once you have installed and activated the plugin they will see the password protected posts hidden from the homepage.

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