How to Set the Limit of RSS Feed Posts in WordPress

How to Set the Limit of RSS Feed Posts in WordPress

There are many WordPress beginners who doesn't know how to limit their posts in WordPress RSS feed, If you are among those then you can learn that how to set the limits of post in WordPress RSS Feed step by step with our tutorial, RSS (Rich Site Summary) uses to publish frequently updated information like your news, blog post, video, etc, when your WordPress users subscribes to your RSS feed then whenever you creates new post then your users gets the text of version of your post to read without visiting your website. So when you set the limits the RSS Feed then it encourages them to visit your site to read the full article, In this tutorial we will show you how to limit your RSS feeds.

What is RSS?

RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication". RSS provides the easy way to distribute a list of your articles, latest updates, and It is used by websites, programs to organize those articles and updates for easy reading. in other words RSS used to deliver regularly your content. Use an RSS Feed to whoever wants it.

Limiting the RSS feed

First of all, You need to login to your WordPress admin area, then go to settings tab, Click Reading, there you can set the limits of your RSS feed, posts, and change the value of ‘Syndication feeds show the most recent’ box to whatever you want to, and for "For Each article in a feed, Show " Select summary to encourage your readers to read your full article on your Web site. It increases your Pageviews.

How to Set the Limit of RSS Feed Posts in WordPress

This how you can limit your RSS feed in WordPress posts, I hope you liked this tutorial learned from it. Make sure to like and follow us on, Twitter, Facebook

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