How To Set Custom Error Page in Blogger

How To Set Custom Error Page in Blogger

Have you ever thought to change the boring 404 error message in blogger?, You can change 404 error messages and make it beautified with a bit of CSS, It's useful to 404 not found error message to your readers and also you can add your most popular posts in your error page or you can add category, Pages, Social media profiles, it's important to make a 404 Custom page with one or more backlink to your posts, When a reader vista broken link and they will redirected to your 404 Custom error page to figure out where to go, we can add several features to our those readers who accidentally lands on the 404 error pages, Best thing you can add some several features to your custom error page to show to the readers who accidentally visit on the 404 error pages, It will take just a few minutes, Have a look below method.

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  • Setting Custom Error Page

    First, create your custom error page design with HTML, CSS or search google for free html 404 template once you created or downloaded the custom error page, then go your blogger and go to your settings and then click on search preferences link and at the Errors and redirections section click on edit at the right side of Custom Page Not Found

    How To Set Error Page in Blogger

    Copy and paste all your custom error page template without html, title, body tags and save it.

    paste all your codes into custom error page box

    Now you can your custom error page by adding wrong url after your domain url

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