How To Secure WordPress Beginner Guide

How To Secure WordPress Beginner Guide

300,000,000 hacking attempts in a day! Due to National Security Agency’s (NSA) data center in the state, WordPress could be an easy target for hackers, There are many users who doesn't have and they don't know how to secure WordPress site. We help you to protect your website and which plugins you should must install also what you should avoid, and we also give an advice to protect your WordPress. There are few methods that you must apply right now, which I mention the names in this article.

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Choose The Secure Hosting Company

Choosing the right hosting company it will secure your dream website, don't choose any cheaper or less secure hosting. There are lots of different hosting companies to use, but selecting the best one is great for your WordPress, What Type of Web Hosting is Best for my WordPress and what should I take, Well, as I said there are lots of web hosting sites where you can start your WordPress hosting and I also created list for the best web hosting companies for WordPress you should check now

Choosing The Right Security Plugins

As I already wrote the post about the best WordPress security plugins for WordPress, As we know nowadays WordPress sites getting hacked because they're don't apply security tips and tricks. You should take more care for your website,  You may could be one of them. In the article which I wrote previously. In that article we discussed about what free plugins are best for WordPress security.

Tips to Secure Any WordPress website

 Tips to Secure Any WordPress website

WordPress is most popular CMS in the world and 25% of the website in the world are power by WordPress, Well like as i said WordPress could easy target for attackers once they found break point in your WordPress then you'll lost your website, most of people who get easily hacked are newbies, You don't need worry. all you have to do is care few things and apply these tips and tricks to live your happy life. let's have a look on the best tips to secure your WordPress blog
  1. Always Update your WordPress
  2. Always Update your WordPress plugins
  3. Make your backup database
  4. Make your login details strong
  5. Delete Default Admin User
  6. Hide The Plugins Directory

Always Update your WordPress

#1: Always update your WordPress whenever WordPress release update, updating an WordPress can prevent hacks and problems which in previous version because WordPress knows his weakness and when they fix then the hackers who knows the weakness they can't break it anymore until they found another break point
 Always Update your WordPress

2#: Always Update your WordPress plugins

keep update your plugins whenever comes, As i mentioned above that update can prevent hacks and problems and also give you more features, keep have eye on update notification note this is the easiest way to keep your site from attacks which comes through plugins break point.
 Always Update your WordPress plugins
Go to your plugins and when you see "Update Available" right below "Add New button" and click on it then you will available updates for plugins then update it, Important: before updating, please back up your database and files.

#3: Make Backup Of Your database

Creating backup of your database and website in case you lost your data there many methods to do that, let's start with easy one there many backup WordPress plugin one of freedom and the best backup plugin is "WP Database Backup" Install it after you are done, go to tools -> WP DB Backup and click on the database backup link and then create a new database backup. After you created your database, you will see a download link, See example:
Make Backup Of Your database

#4: Make Sure to make strong Admin details

Make Sure to make strong Admin details

Well, there are lots of people who make their username and password simple or they make password on girlfriend names, pet names, or places, even they also create on personal numbers hah give reply if one of them. Let's be serious, Don't make easy passwords start making it complex first start with two or three numbers and create long password and also try to 1-2 special characters like "*&$# ", As I mentioned above the security list, which have some security which have brought-Force feature it helps a lot to prevent any Brute-Force attack

#4: Disallow The Plugins Directory listing

If your website allows listing plugins directory, then it may dangerous your because it helps hackers to map your plugin site and check which you are using once he found the break point, then you will may lose your site first try to visit your plugin directory by adding the root at the end of your domain name example : if you see an error called 404 then you have already disallow directory listing if not then make an .htaccess file add below codes on it and save as " .htaccess " in your wp-content/plugins/ folder Htaccess codes:

# BEGIN WordPress
RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule . /index.php [L]
# Prevents directory listing
IndexIgnore *
# END WordPress

#5: Change Default Admin User

Change the default admin user can prevent hacking, If you haven't deleted When hacker found that default details then you know how it could dangerously. So when you make your WordPress admin account then do not use admin as username, It's easy to brute-Force to get the password of username called "admin", So all you have done is create own username not an admin, To edit the default username to go to your cpanel and log in to your Phpmyadmin and go to your WordPress database and wp_users and then click on edit button and then change your default admin username to your own username.

Change Default Admin User