How To Safely Backup WordPress Site Beginner's Guide

 How To Sefely Backup WordPress Site Beginner Guide
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Backup your database and site daily especially when you earning form it,Your WordPress database contains all posts, comments and every link you have on your blog, you know ? when your database gets erased or corrupted. then what will you do ? that's why you should backup database even your whole website before your make any minor changes in your WordPress blog.There are many ways to that, if you hosting provider gives you daily backup of your site then you should create daily. if you also check what web hosting is best for WordPress which i wrote previously, There many premium or free plugins and also many different methods to do which i mention in this post, The most question people ask about backup:
  1. How many backups should I keep ?
  2. Can backups be automated?
  3. Is there more ways to backup WordPress ?
  4. Should i make back up daily ?
Let's start with answering theses questions, After we done this we'll discuss about the methods which i mentioned above and also i will give you suggestion.

Q: Can backups be automated ?

Yes. there many WordPress plugins and also many web hosting offering automatic back up check your web hosting account if you have automatic backup features then you should use that feature it's better and easy.

Q: Is there more ways to backup WordPress ?

Yes! like as i said above there are many plugins and methods to make your backup, and you can also make your database backup by using PhpMyAdmin

Q: should i make back up daily ?

It's better to keep three copy of your backup in different forms like CDDVD, USB SICK, place in the safe place in case when you lost your website or get hacked then you can use that backup.

Q: Should i make back up daily ?

Yes. make your database and site backup regularly and always before an upgrade.

Make Backup with PhpMyAdmin

Go to your web hosting account and check if there any backup app if have your backup app in your web hosting then use it to make a database backup, If not, then use PhpMyAdmin go to your PhpMyAdmin in your account, then select your WordPress database and click on the export link, choose format to download your backup file and then click on go button then you will get the backup. 

 Make Backup with PhpMyAdmin tip

Back up with WordPress plugin

There are many premium or free plugins, One of free and easy to use plugin is "Wp database backup" with this plugin plugin you'll easily create database backup. Install it now and after you install the plugin then go to admin panel in your WordPress site, then go to tools ->WP DB Backup and then click on click database backups and you will see there a create new DB backup button, click on it and download your backup that's simple. 

 Back up with WordPress plugin

Backup whole WordPress files

This is second part of making backups for WordPress, Yes There are two parts to backing up your WordPress first part is database backup which already discuss above and the second part is creating the WordPress backup which includes: WordPress Core Installation
  1. WordPress Plugins
  2. Additional Files and Static Web Pages
  3. WordPress Themes
  4. Images and Files
  5. JavaScript and PHP scripts, and other code files
  6. WordPress Core Installation
You can Download all your WordPress files using an FTP program called "FileZilla", What is FTP? Well, Basically FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, Which transfer files between a client and server, download FileZilla to access your FTP account which allows you to download or upload files from your web hosting server. After install the software, Go to your cpanel and check for your FTP details

 Backup whole WordPress files FTP Program
Once you copy your details then use that information to login into your web hosting account and then download all WordPress files

 Backup whole WordPress files FTP Program

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