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make money online blogging

If you heard about Huffington Post  in 2012 that was sold for over $300 million dollars.Most of the people try to find ways to make money online and they all come to at the very bottom line of this question which is blogging.

Anyhow, who wants to know how to make money online there are many Confidential ways out there but I’m not going to tell you that I'm just going to talk about something which can give you the right path so you can acquisition your own way for success.

I recommend you to choose blogging not just because of its easy to inaugurate, The reason which why I strongly recommend you to choose blogging is to make your legitimate identity on the internet to show your self to the world with your institution.

I’m not going to tell you guys that blogging is the easiest way to make money online which is not, You can earn your living from a blog but it takes time to get there.

You guys may be wondering how long does  its take to earn money from online  ,its depends on you  how much you can give time to your blog how many articles you can write a day , and more on is there your article is useful for readers , so because of this its impossible to me guess how long you will take , from my personal  opinion its take around 12 to 16 month to start to make money online .

Make sure you have to be patient with what you are doing

  • Choosing the right blogging platform
  • What type of blog should I start?
  • Submit your blog to search engienes 

Choosing the right blogging platfrom

 Choosing the right blogging platfrom

Here comes the Devastating question about how to choose the best blogging platform for your business which  is so much out there and most of them is very good to begin your career  with it.

When people search for the best blogging platform they find out that is Wordpress, blogger and tumbler etc..

Take a look at these two (free)

blogger is free

Blogger is a free blogging service provided by google and one the famouse blogging platform amog the newbie bloggers and also is the easiest platform on the internet.Blogger is in the cloud which mean it is security wise very secure,it has so many  advantages and it has some disadvantages also.

Blogger Advantages

advantages of using blogger

Blogger has Easy interface for the newbie blogger  and very interesting thing is its free of cost anyone can start their blog with just a few steps, bloggers can easily manage their own blog site without  having any special technical skills required. these are the advantage of using

  1. Easy to use editor for any newbie.
  2. you can easily find free themes for it
  3. customization through the template editor
  4. Doesn't need to have web development or designing skills to built a basic blog.
  5. Does't even need to purchase web hosting . Blogger hosted for 100% free on Google servers with (almost 100% up time).
  6. You can easily signup and access google AdSense with blogger.
  7. You can make you own tamplate desing or just download it for free you can easliy find blogger template on google search.
  8. Blogger have https suport for blogspot address its free to upgrade from http to https (not for custom domain address only for blogspot add).
  9. you can also  point your blogspot blog address to your custom domain address for free
  10. It can be easily associate to Google Analytic's & Webmaster tools.
  11. Immediate indexing by google search engine

Blogger Disadvantage

disadvantages of usign blogger by meralesson
  1. didn't have php database support .
  2. Didn't have so many plugins/widgets as compare to Wordpress.
  3. If you violate the blogger content policy, then your blog will be deleted at any time read   blogger policy.
  4. Media files PDF, word doc, etc., can't be uploaded on your blog server.
One of the common disadvantages of using blogger is you cannot fully customize your template.
NOTE: However Blogger is not a self hosted service it hosted by google and google has full control of it and also have rights to shut it down

lets navigate to wordpress


wordpress free cms

Now days WordPress (CMS) is very popular and one of the famous & has also been the largest self-hosted website builder today, Over 60 million people have used WordPress to make their dream come to life.
But if it's coming to selection we should compare it with some awesome platform so these are the common advantages and disadvantages for you so you can easily decide what is good for you.
These are the advantages of using WordPress.

Wordpres Advantages

wordpress advantages by

  1. Also doesn't need to have web development or designing skills to build a basic blog
  2. Fully customization
  3. WordPress CMS if free of cost you can easily download it from
  4. It has so many free plugins /widgets so you can more transparent to your site.
  5. Its SEO friendly with the help of yoast free plugin it can more certified with bots.
  6. wordpress have one of the largest community to around the web for your help support
  7. its open source

Wordpres Disadvantages

How to make money online disadvantages
  1. Wordpres is self hosted platform which means you have to have a web hosting sever for WordPress that's for you pay for it.
  2. Updates ,updating WordPress is kind of Hack because of some plugins not works properly
  3. WordPress security totally up to you if you remember I mention that over 60 million people have using it that's why it can be very easy target among hackers
  4. Wordpress need lots of plugins to able to take care of the diffrent section of your site like SEO Sitemap etc..

What type of blog should i start ?

Now you have to think what type of blog should you have to start if you are looking for something which is easy for you then I have to tell you one thing, if you do what is easy your life will be hard if you do what is hard your life will be easy that's true but beware Do what you love to do.

What you mostly do in your regular life what's make you excited what is very joyful to you and in which topic do you interested in if you good at writing , designing or you like to share stuff which is favorable then its easy for you to start your blog

  • DIY blogs
  • Tutorial blogs
  • Entertainment blogs
  • News blogs
  • Product blogs
  • Inspirational blogs
  • etc...

DIY blogs

DIY (do-it-yourself) blogging is one of the influential and innovative, its beloved for home decor ideas & that's caught most of the people on the internet. If you have some skills to showcase then its very valuable for you.

Tutorial blogs

These are similar to d i y blogs. Blogs that offering a helpful solution & step by step guide is more often to get traffic to their blog. If you have some kind of skills in, designing, home decor, computer, mobile, etc.. Then it is also very valuable for you.

Entertainment blogs

It's also known as pop culture & humor blogs. If you can make people laugh and entertain with your voice or articles then its remarkable choice for you, but if you select this for your category then you are in competition with sites like Buzzfeed, reddit, OHMYGOSSIP etc.

News blogs

Also known as current event blogs. If you can perpetuate with the news and can comment on current news, controversial topics, then you should designate this as a blog. These blogs are considerable because they are relevant to the user. Keep in mind, it's hard to hang out on the top of the social media .

Product blogs

Product Blogs essentially use for business marketing.If you are an author and you want to sell books online or either you are am an artist, photographer and wants to highlight your service on the internet, or you are promoting someone else product and willing to get paid with selling a product, then it is better decision to make a product blog.

Inspirational blogs

These type blogs inspire people and motivate them to do exceptional and live life in a better way, it easily gains popularity because the peoples who reads it feeling more conscious.its up to you if you are able to write great articles for motivation and wants to share your thought with people to make them alive than its time step in there.

Submit your blog to search engines

Now comes to the major part which is How to submit your blog in search engines, initially when you created your blog then your second step will be to submit your blog to search engines like google , bing how to do this in a great way here is the solution how to submit blogger sitemap to bing/yahoo with New Method


  1. Anyhow, who wants to know how to make money online there are many Confidential ways out there but I’m not going to tell you that I'm just going to talk about something which can give you the right path so you can acquisition your own way for success. How to Make Money on Trading Forex

  2. Entertainment and tutorial blogs are really good way, especially if tutorials are actual and informative.


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