Add LinkWithIn Related Post Plugin In Wordpress

If you want to add related post in your Wordpress self hosted blog  then your in the right place.
Related post is very remarkable and impressive way which help to increase page views and reduce bounce rate  of your website or wordpress blog. In this lesson we will be show you how to display related post in wordpress.

For related post we are going to use linkwithin widget which is totally free and easy to install.
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linkwithin is a blog widget that allows you to display related post article on your wordpress blog.LinkwhitIn is used to show your previous posts as related posts with thumbnails which is a very useful way to Increase page views and stay keep your readers on your blog . Linkwithin widget is free and easy to Install and it is slight styled which gives enhanced ability to relevant with your blog design.

How to Display Related Post Plugin In Wordpress

1 first of all go to linkwithin website then fill the information like email ,blog url,platfrom, and width.

Email: Enter your email
Blog link : Your blogger blog adress
Platform : Choose Blogger
Width : Choose 4 Stories

2nd once you click on get widget button it will take you to the next page like this then click download to download the plugin.

3rd Now go to your Wordpress Dashboard>> and then plugins>> then click on add new plugin.

and then on the left upper corner click on upload plugin.

4th now click on browse and then select file from the folder where you download linkwithin zip file .

and then click on install plugin

5th finally just click on activate and your done!

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