How To Add Google Analytics in Blogger Blog

Google Analytics is the most powerful tool for gathering information about your visitors and how they are finding your blogger blog.It is useful to know how user interact with your blog which keywords they type and how often they stay on your site.To know all of this stuff and more information then you have to invigorate google analytics to your blogger blog, google analytics if free to use and easy to understand, in this lesson I'll will show you how to add google analytics to blogger blog beginner guide.

Sign up For Google Analytics
go to google analytics sign up page it will ask you for a gmail account, initially we will need a gmail account for analytics sign up, and if you haven't a gmail account then just create a google account, and then sign in with your gmail id.

once you enter your gmail id and password, then it will automatically redirect you to the google analytics sign up page like this. click on sign up button.

if you don't know how to make gmail account then click here .

and then fill all the information like domain name and your site url, Category and country for time zone.

once you fill all your info, then just click on Get tracking id button.

then a popup will appear, read google analytics term of service agreement and then click on my accept button.

now it will automatically redirect you to another page, there you will be two Method of doing this. the first one is tracking id Method and the second is website tracking script Method.

Using Tracking Id Method
this method is very simple and easy to use you just need to copy your tracking id and past it into your blogger >> settings >> Other Google analytics web property ID below

Using Website tracking Method
in this method you have to copy the whole website tracking script code and then go to your blogger >> settings >> edit HTML>> find /body> by ('CTRL+F') and paste it.once you paste your code, then just save your template.


it actually take 24 hours to inaugurate.

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