How To Add Facebook Fan Page Plugin In Blogger Blog

Everyone knows that Facebook is the top of the list of social networking site, its popular among everyone and also very valuable for blogger its give reliability to share your content to your facebook friends and fans, if you are not using Facebook for your blog then you are losing a great opportunity of gaining traffic.

Facebook fan page for Blogger blog, Facebook fan page, also called Facebook like box, fan page is a very important part of blogging because its give you a legitimate position on the internet and a very powerful plugin to connect your blog visitor to your Facebook page.It's helped a lot to gain lots of follower tag your blog traffic.Facebook fan page plugin widget allows blog visitor to join your community on Facebook and receive updates feeds directly.

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How to add facebook Fan page plugin widget

Now Days it is very easy to install Facebook fan page box to blogger blog just go to this address and add your Facebook url and if you want to give custom width and height then give the height and width from input field then click on the get code button below.

now click the get code button

then you will see a window like this just copy the code one by one.

once you copy the code then go to the Blogger>>Layout>>Add a Gadget and paste the code one by one and hit save.

You are done!

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