How To Change Your Name In WordPress

Are you facing a problem in WordPress which shows wrong name in blog post articles. The thing is when you are installing WordPress CMS, during the installation WordPress ask you to enter a username that allow you to show this name as site admin.If you want to add your full name in
Wordpress then you're in the right place. In this lesson we will show you how to show right name in Wordpress articles.

Most of the people choose easy username to memorize it easily. or using their nick name instead of using their full name unfortunately they unaware of that it can be shown as an article author name which look a bit weird. We will show you the easiest way to display full name in Wordpress.

Adding Full name instead of Username in Wordpress

Adding full name to your author name looks a lot more professional. It helps search engines to collaborate content with an individual author.

Showing your full name in articles is actually very easy first login in to your WordPress account and then go to User>> Your Profile page.

Now you will see first name, last name, and a nickname fields fill these all.

Once you fill all these fields and then click on the option box beside "display name option publicly as" then select which name you want to add first or last name, nickname, full name to show as an author name in your post articles, once you select which name you want to add then click on the update profile button to save.

Now visit your site, you will see the full name displaying in posts as author name which you're chosen in the option box.

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