How to Host CSS And JavaScript Files in Blogger

Have if you ever think to host your CSS, javasciprts files in blogger?, Well, you can host your scripts and CSS, Javascipts and Jquery, sounds like awesome, hosting files in fastest server can increase your page loading time as we all know google have very powerful servers and you can host your files in your google drive and google drive give 5 GB free storage for regular users, Yes google drive can host your files like CSS, Javascripts, jquery, Even PHP and so on with just a bit of a trick you can host your files Google Drive allows users to store and share files, videos, and photos. With an average of 240 million active users each month from all over the world and also google drive user can edit and collaborate on stored files without leaving the cloud site, Google drive is Best for free file hosting

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  • Host to Google Drive ?

    First, we all know google best in security, Google offers AES-256 bit encryption for their users, let's talk about Google drive speed well google drive is best at Uploading, downloading, opening and sharing you don't to worry about speed

    Host CSS Files with Google Drive in Blogger:

    Create Google drive account or login your account and click on new then click on file upload and select your style.css to upload, So once you uploaded the CSS file in your google drive account right click on it and click share, then click on advanced and then click on change and Select Anyone with the link radio button once you get the share link

    After you copy the share link, and your style.css link should look like this:

    All you have to do is replace with and also remove view?usp=sharing example url:

    Simple as that, Feel free to ask me anything, If you like this tutorial then like and follow us Twitter, Facebook

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