How to Fix Failed to Write File to Disk Error in WordPress

One of the most common errors in WordPress that beginner users' faces is "Failed to Write File to Disk Error " when they try to upload file from the WordPress admin area then get the Upload: Failed to Write File to Disk Error. If you are trying to fix that error too, then you can easily fix it, In this Tutorial, we will show you how to fix “Upload: failed to write file to disk” error in WordPress.

Why the Failed To Write File To Disk Error occurs?

The "Failed To Write File To Disk" error can occur due to a file permission reason. Your WordPress website has a set of permissions for files and folders, And your web server has access to the files based on these permissions. if you have set the incorrect permissions to a file or a folder can ease your ability to create files or edit on your WordPress server.

Fixing The Upload Failed to Write to Disk Error

In order to fix this issue you need to use FTP Client Like Filezillawhich is a free FTP client or you can use orders FTP client, So connect to your WordPress website using your web hosting details after you logged in to your web hosting server, Go to your WordPress directory and right click on "WP-content" then click on permissions, Set the numeric value to 755 and select recurse into subdirectories also checked apply to all files and directories, click ok

Once the set file permissions, Try to uploading files now. you can also reset the file permissions by the web hosting account tool, Some of the web host offers the accounts tools where you can reset file permissions, For to do that, go to your web hosting account, then to your cpanel, Under the account sections you will see the fix file permissions tool, Click on that tool, click on execute.

If you are still getting the error, then you will need to contact your web hosting.

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