How to Display Recent Posts by Category in WordPress

Every WordPress user wants to use something for displaying articles from specific categories, In this tutorial we will showcase our WordPress recent posts from each category, Well there are some other ways to do that. As we all know that WordPress has very powerful and best plugins to do amazing things in a WordPress blog, Well, do you ever wanted to showcase your latest posts from specific categories, Displaying the recent posts is very useful to your readers multi posts from different categories. It will increase the pageviews of your blog. How? when your reader sees the recent posts from different categories, then they will surely interest to read that article which they haven't read. and if you are looking to show your WordPress blog posts on specific page, then you can do that just read this article. let's talk about the plugin which can display our recent posts by category, There are many plugins out there and I choose the best one to use in this tutorial, so have a look below.

Recent Posts by Category Widget

"Recent Posts by Category Widget" is one the best plugin which can display posts by category in order showcase your recent posts from category you have to install that plugins first and active it, Once you have installed the plugin, then you will see a new widget called "Recent Posts by Category" under the appearance tab so click on that and scroll down at the bottom the page and then you will see the widget which installed drag that plugin into the sidebar once you dragged the widget into the sidebar, you able to expand the widget by clicking on it and then add the category title and number of posts and the category even you can show the date of the posts. Sounds like bit confused?, Don't worry check the screenshot below

How to Display Recent Posts by Category in WordPress

Save it, Congratulations, You successfully added the recent posts by category widget

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