How To Rename Label or Delete In Blogger

How To Rename Label or Delete In blogger

Create logical and user friendly label structure in blogger, do not make mean less categories in blogger, By the way categories stands for labels in blogger so don't be confused if I typed labels as categories, Make sure you Have decent categories structure on a blog it makes easier for users and you will see labels clicks will increase and you will gain more friendliness for you blog and Its extremely important to have well written labels.In this tutorial we learn two ways for hiding, deleting or changing the labels. The first method is simply changing/removing by checking unchecked and the next method is manually from the template's, Next method is useful for those who have a custom blogger template and checked/ unchecked method not working for them however you should lean both, As our slogan is knowledge is free, anyone can get it from anything, So check out below methods.

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  • #1: Method : Simply From Dashboard

    Go your blogger and post, then click labels (on the top-right) which you want to change / delete and select all posts to change to new label, Once you selected all posts by labels, then click on the “Label action button” then click on create a new label and create a new label.

    NOTE: Before Deleting, Make sure you are selecting the correct Label to edit / delete, if somehow you selected a wrong label, it might mess up everything.

    How To Rename Label or Delete In blogger

    Now you can delete the old label for do that click on label selected posts then click on the label name which you want to delete lets say I want to delete my old label which named old label so first I will go to my old label and select all posts and then I'll click on label selected posts and then I'll click on old label then it will delete that delete, Sounds like bit confused? don't have a look below screenshot

    How To Rename Label or Delete In blogger

    You will flash delete message

    How To Rename Label or Delete In blogger

    Congratulations, You added new label and deleted the old one.

    #2: Hide labels in blogger posts using css

    Note: Before making any changes make sure you backup your blogger blog if you don't know do this Read this article: How To Backup Blogger Blog

    Go to your blogger account -> blog - > template - > Edit html and then click on anywhere in the blog and then use the search box by pressing Ctrl + F search box will appear type /head> on that box paste that codes above

    .post-labels {
    display: none;
    How To Rename Label or Delete In blogger

    You successfully hide all labels from posts

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