How to Add Multiple New Authors in Blogger

 How to Add Multiple New Authors in Blogger

In every blogger career, a time comes when they hire new writers or workers to work with them and blogger allows to add multiple authors you can also set their permissions, Hire new people for blogging is very useful for you to work on more things like SEO or marketing its hard for one person to mange blogger blog alone, especially when he earning from it and getting more traffic day by day, With Blogger you can make it possible, You can set up to 100 authors for your blogger blog. Just get your coffee or snacks and read it full in just a few minutes you will able to add new users to your blog, Have a look below

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  • Inviting New Users

    The easiest way to add authors just go to your blogger dashboard and go to settings and click on basic tab, go to Permissions section you will see author box you with your name and avatar just below that box, hit the link "Add Authors" and type email to your new author, once you done press save

     How to Add Multiple New Authors in Blogger

    After you've added the email of your new author then you that email and check inbox, you will see a new email from blogger


    Now you can set the permission of you a new author to do that again go your settings -> basic -> At permissions you will see new author with drop-down selection where you can set admin or author

    Admin: have full control of your blog he can post, Delete or also he can add new authors or remove

    Author: He can add a new post and also edit own post. also can remove itself from blog membership.

     How to Add Multiple New Authors in Blogger

    For deleting author, just click on close right after author's permission

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