How to Add Facebook Like Reactions System to WordPress Posts

How to Add Facebook Like Reactions System to WordPress Posts

Social Networks nowadays is part our life almost all of us using daily the social media sites to get the feeds from our friends and family, As we all Facebook added new feature some time ago called "reactions" which allow users to show their reaction on posts in their timelines. rather than clicking like on the post, Which is quite boring, So this tutorial we will show you how to add the Facebook like reactions feature to WordPress posts, It will help you to get the feedback about your article, What people think or they hate, If you are looking Facebook like Reactions system for your WordPress then you easily add it to your WordPress site in the next few minutes step by step, This feature is very useful to get feedback on your post.

Adding The Reaction Plugin

With the DW Reactions plugin we can add the Facebook like reactions, For to do that you need to install plugin first from your WordPress plugins tab, or if you don't know how to install WordPress plugin, then read the article which I already wrote "How to Install WordPress Plugin", So once you have installed the plugin, You need active the plugin, after you activated the plugin, go to your settings, There you will see a new tab called "reactions" click on that to configure the plugin, If you want to display the plugin on below instead of above, So you can set the settings there. And you can add the plugin using the shortcode [reactions]

Now go to your post, There you will see the Reaction button.

Congratulations, You just added the Reaction button to your WordPress site. Like and follow us on, Twitter, Facebook. only if you liked this tutorial.

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