7 Top Extremely Advanced SEO Tips For Bloggers

The Extremely advanced SEO tips that will make you a Pro Blogger
Hello our readers, If are looking for best SEO tips for bloggers then you are in right place and we have 8 killer SEO Tips for blogger, We need some advanced advice for rankup blog traffic and search rank in google and in others search engines. You don't need to worry about your blog SEO anymore so we are here to help you and advise you step by step to get more traffic. After reading this article you'll able to make your blog fully SEO optimized. Before start, let me give you an example, what is SEO and why you should optimize your blog with our tricks and tips?

What is SEO And Why You Should Worry About it ?

What is SEO  And Why You Should Worry About it ?
SEO Meaning is Search engine optimization. And search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a blog in a search engine's results. So if your blog or website is not SEO optimized then you will never get search rank and traffic. Don't worry if your blog not so optimize it's not too late to apply our tricks and tips, let's start we will focus on these main things:
  1. : Custom Robots.txt
  2. :Custom Robots Header Tags & Enabling  & Post Search Description
  3. :Optimize Post Titles
  4. : Search Engine Submission
  5. : Improve Your Blog Load Time
  6. : Images Optimize
  7. : What To Do After Publishing Post

#1: Custom Robots.txt

Adding the right robots.txt file in your blog or website is key to success your blog or website and  search engine's bot's will index your blog posts fast. The Most Imported Thing is seo in blogging.adding the right robot.txt file is key to success.if you add your robot.txt file in right way your blog surely increase your seo rank and traffic in this tutorial you will learn how to add the right robot.txt file in blogger blog.

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#2: Custom Robots Header Tags

Boost your search result in search engines by enabling Meta Description, or disallow to index images, labels, roots, posts, Without enabling Meta Description & Post Search Description you can't get more traffic from search engines, the one of the main features to drive traffic to your blog or website, so we have an optimized post description.

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#3: Optimize Post Titles

In old blogger templates you must need to optimize your blog post titles let me explain if your post look like this "myblogtitle - mynewposttitle" in search engines then you need to replace below codes with yours. Because search engines show only the first 53 words of your post

go to your  blogger dashboard->blog->Tempalate-> Edit Html and Search For

", Tip: use search box by pressing Ctrl+F and replace with below codes

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
<title><data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/></title>
<title><data:blog.pageTitle/></title> </b:if>
now save your tempalate

#4: Search Engine Submission

Are you running a blog without submitting sitemap to search engines?. If yes, then you are in big trouble and you need our help to add current sitemap to search engines, After reading our posts about Submission Sitemaps you will find yourself satisfied, And not worry anymore

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#5: Improve Your Blog Load Time

If your blog taking a long time to load, then you might be losing your traffic because readers don't like blogs that take long time to load, So you should make your blog load free. We have some tricks to make your blog load free check below.
  1. Compress your images
  2. Don't add extra scripts that take some time to load
  3. Don't use many 3rd party fonts
For compress images there are many scripts and plug-ins also websites. Personally, I use tinypng.com to compress my work images that help me a lot

#6: Image Optimize

Image Optimize is basically adding SEO titles and ALT text to images. If you miss images ATL name & Images TITLE. Then you are losing your traffic that comes through Google Search Images, You should add ATL Text And Title to your images, then searches engine booths will index that image to search engine after this you will get traffic from images

#7: What To Do After Publishing Post

Are you thinking that you publish your new post and you think your job is finished?, NO! Completely wrong. You still have one thing to do after publishing your post. And that is "SHARING YOUR POST " to social networks and forums, etc.. And I make a little list for you were to share your post check below.
  1. Share on Social Networks Website, like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Google+ ,etc
  2. Share in Groups on Facebook,Reddit,Google+,etc
  3. Find Questions that related your article and answer with your content link
  4. Make 30 secends Video on it and upload to video sharing websites


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