Bluehost Web Hosting Discount offer 2015 & Get Free domain

Assalamu Alaikum friends in this lesson we will talk about BlueHost web-hosting provider.

If you are want to handle your own data and want full control on your blog or website then you must have your own hosting server and it is very good to have a web hosting account because it give you a power to control all data of your website and change it whenever you want.

If you know that blogger and other free blog services they are not giving full authority and you can change only a few things

If someone is planning to start their online business with self hosted blog or website then they should know about best hosting provider companies on the internet and should not make their self into any trouble because there are some fraud hosting service and you not know if hosting provider is no more then how come your site is online and therefor I am going to tell you guys about the best web-hosting provider for your website or blog.


BlueHost Founded in 1996 it is the one of the historical and the 20 largest web-hosting provider company in world and I think it is great to signup with them its secure and they available  24/7 to answer your questions and offer advice to help you to get started network  and also money back guarantee .

Wordpress recommended  BlueHost because it is very good for Wordpress hosting and its give  best option to select for Wordpress if you are going to running a Wordpress blog  then  I recommend you to select blue it is best for you.

There are three type of hositng  plans choose what you want most
           Share hosting
           VPN hosting
           Dedicated hosting 

Optional Features after sign-up

Additional Domain Names = $14.99 each year
Dedicated IP = $3.33 per month
SSL Certificates = $49.00 each year
Spam-Experts Mail Filtering = $2.50 each month per domain name
Site-Lock = $19.99 per domain each year
Site Backup & Restore Pro = $19.99 each year
Expired Account Reactivations = $30.00
Posting Mail Filtering = $1.00/mo per e-mail address [prorated]
Privacy = $10.99 Domain Privacy per domain per year.

Share hosting

They have three plans for Share hosting so you can choose one for your website requirement.
       1. Starter
       2. Plus{Best for you}
       3. Business pro

You can sign up form here and get discount Cick-here


First one is a starter plan and it is used for basic and it is good for hosting only one site also very cheep it is just for $3.49 now, but normally its for $5.99 that is convincible to start your site and it is very useful to get an idea how much traffic a website can handle and whenever you want to upgrade your plan you can easily upgrade it in any time check out discount offer


Regular Price

Our Offer Price

36 months
24 months
12 months


Second one is Plus plan it is very popular & little bit higher  then first one if you want to host more then one site the i will recommend you to select Bluehost plus plan and Plus Plan allow you to host unlimited websites this is why it is better to use it and  its just for $5.95 per-month and it is normally for $9.99 per-month check out discount offer.


Regular Price

Our Offer Price

36 months
24 months
12 months

Business Pro

Third one is the business pro plan which actually give you every single thing that you should have to and it is also great to start with it and I don’t think that you guys miss this one the price is little bit high but it affordable  check outdiscount offer


Regular Price

Our Offer Price

36 months
24 months
12 months

VPN Hosting Servers

BlueHost have very good Vpn hosting servers for you and they promises money back guarantee and also give 24/7 customer help support any time you can asked question and they will responds immediately checkout their plans.

Dedicated Hosting Servers

Now this is the best one and also one of  the expensive to and it depend on your requirement  also they promise  money back guarantee and 24/7 support  checkout their plans and select what ever you want 

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