Redsnow Incomplete iTunes Libraries Error Fixed

Assalamo Alaikum Friends in this lesson we will learn how to fix Jailbreak redsnow incomplete iTunes library error

No need to worry its just a simple error cause by missing libraries in new update version of iTunes . Apple didn't add iTunes libraries for redsnow ,To fix this error you will need to uninstall iTunes completely how to do this ,

1 step

first of all go to start menu and control panel .

2nd step

and then go to programs and features .

3rd step

uninstall these software one by one "Apple Application Support(32-bit and 64-bit) , Apple Mobile Device Support , Apple Software Update , Bonjour , iTunes ".

4th step
now download older version of iTunes.10.2 from here  iTunes10.2(32bit) / iTunes10.2(64bit)

5th step

Install iTunes 10.2 on your computer . make sure you unchecked these and then click install



  1. Please include a step to remove iTunes folder in C: [USERS] [MY MUSIC]


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