Simple Way To Make Money Online With Blogger

Assalamo Alaikum friends As we know now days blogging is very popular because of most of geeks, they done it well and make it beautiful & simple to understand and officious thanks to those who actually share their own experience of their blogging profession to others so they can start to make their living with blogging career.

First of all we should have to know few things about blogging .

What is a blog?
What is blogging?
How can I make money with advertizing?
Why i  should  choose Blogger?

What is a Blog ?

A blog is just like a website which give you information about many different topics.There are many different types of blogs  which  actually given very useful knowledge to user like <> is the one of the most famous blog in the world. 

What is blogging?

Blogging its not mean you are good writer then you should do blogging or you have great  html css php etc.. skills so you should start your owe website , There are many blogger which earn lots of money from blogging and they did'nt have great writing or coding skill .

How they make lots of money without having any skills?

The thing is when they start blogging they didn't know a single thing about it. then how they become Problogger and make lots money from blogging?, blogging is all about knowledge and imagination. also your hard work.knowledge is only thing which you can not get it from any college or university you have to gain it by your self and teach your self how to do ?.Important thing is to know knowledge is free and always be
 so work hard and search for things which your dont know .

Learn skills like SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) and an article writing given information about something. If you are new and you're wondering how I will get this knowledge and thinking its very hard to make headway from it.It's not that much harder either prepared and thought yourself and learn from the internet blogging is all about your hard work and passion.try and try again and again, you fell down, but you will stand-up one day and that day will be yours.

How Can I Make Money With Advertizing?

This is a one of the questions which every new blogger asked when they just jump into blogging, and the answer is you make money from advertizing like Google Adsense Infolinks and popular ads etc.. First, you need a blog with decent traffic and sign up as a publisher account on Google Adsense or Infolinks both are good but Google Adsense is the best option to choose.And Adsense/info links give you ads, it should be in display ads, banner ads rollover ads, side bar etc.. ,
Ads which you get from advertizing company basically its come in javascript code or iframe copy and paste it in your  site and visitors will see or click on it and you'll earn money.

Why i  Should  Choose Blogger? 

There are many Different Blogging platforms like Blogger, Wordpress, Squarespace, tumblers etc.. But blogger is the best and free to use.I am using blogger and I found it very useful and easy I prefer you to use blogger because you will easily get free theme and widgets and tutorial about blogger blog. Thanks i hop you like it!