How to Make Money From Internet With UserTesting 2015

AOA friends in this lesson we will learn about how to make money from

If you are good at english speaking or you are native english speaker then this is the easy way to make some extra money .

Usertesting is usability testing site which gives you best opportunity to get review your website or app from a tester and Know how actually user think and interact with your website or app.

Second and most interesting thing is to make money from as tester give you test to review website or app and follow the instruction and they give u a screen recorder download and install it and it will record your screen and your voice, tester have to speak English so Clint can hear what your are saying so keeping talking.
Basically they paid for what user think and do just say what you think about website or app and the test will be approximately 15-20 min for website and for app it will take about 3-7min (money is depending on which test they are going to giving you to do) 20 min test is for ($10-$15) 3-5 min test ($3-$7).You must have a PayPal account and live in a country that can receive PayPal money transfers. You will receive your payment exactly 7 days after completing a website or app test (if you didn't have a Paypal account or you live in a country that banned in paypal then click here to make a Paypal account in banned country)

1st step

Go to and click on(sign up and get paid).

2nd step 

now enter your email address.and click on(Sign up and get paid)

3rd step

now go to your email address and confirm your email by clicking on the link.

4th step

In this step you need download Screen recorder by clicking on the Download Screen Recorder button

5th step

now your ready to record you sample video 1st watch an applicant sample video and get an idea 
2nd Prepare your self and record your sample video by hitting lunch button
Once you approve then you can start making money from