Google AdSense Ads Formats For Youtube

Assalamu Alaikum

Hello friends in this post i will tell you about what kind of ads google ad-sense gives for youtube.Most of peopal think that they will earn money when they get most of views its not work like that you make money from advertising like Google ad sense or sponsorship ads .You not get paid by your video views you get paid only when some one see your ad or click on your ad . Google ad sense have servals  type of ads formats for youtube like Display ads,Overlay ads,Skip ads,None Skip ad

Display ad:

Display ad place right side of your video and when ever a person click on that ad then you will earn money .Display ads are available in the following Sizes:

  1. medium rectangle (300x250)
  2. large rectangle (336x280)
  3. half page (300x600)
  4. portrait (300x1050)
  5. mobile banner (320x50)
  6. large leaderboard (970x90)
  7. billboard (970x250)
  8. leaderboard (728x90)
  9. banner (468x60)
  10. half banner (234x60)
  11. button (125x125)
  12. skyscraper (120x600)
  13. wide skyscraper (160x600)
  14. small rectangle (180x150)
  15. vertical banner (120 x 240)
  16. small square (200x200)
  17. square (250x250) 

Overlay ad:

Overlay ad is image,text,or rich media creative which appear on bottom of your video .Overlay ad comes in different type of sizes : 

    (728 x 90)
    (480 x 70)
    (468 x 60)
    (450 x 50)

Skippable video ads:

Skippable in-stream video ad is also know as TrueView ads which plays in video player and it is skipable so if some one is  interested in so they can see other wise they can skip it.(you only get paid when viewer didn't skip and watch ad full)

Non-skippable video ads:

 Non-skippable in-stream video ads which is also play in video player for usually 15 to 20 or 30 seconds and viewer didn't have choice to skip it  so the viewer can not skip that ad and watch the full ad .Actually you are forcing your viewer to watch full .Form this ad format you will get more revenue